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It was on a mild and sweet night of mid may on the enchanted scenery of the Amalfi coast that "Cerasella" was brought into the world in a subby little house hidden among the terraced gardens full of lemon-trees. Cerasella was a beautiful little girl who had long curly hair and whose eyes were dark as coal. She had the same liveliness and radiance of the sun and the same brightness of the warm summer sky. When still a little girl, Cerasella used to spend her days among the sweet smelling lemon-trees helping her grand-father "Peppino" in moulding the clay. Cerasella and Peppino used to sell to the inhabitants of the place the crockery, moulded from the fantasy and the dreams of the little girl. It was during world war II, that Cerasella, now a beautiful woman, fell in love with "Niky" an american marine. It was love at first sight ..... and the results of their passionate love was “Niky” Junior. Niky is today the perfect fusion between his father’s strength and the spirit of adventure and his mother passion and fantasy. This strong love and this long tradition are today perfectly shaped in the “Gorgeus” hand-made items produced by Niky.

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